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Become A Student Reporter on Behalf of Your College

Join as a Student Reporter on Behalf of Your College and share Your Colleges Events , Programmes , Articles , Blogs with Jobs and Education News

This initiative invites you to Give Some Hour to the College. Choose any Activity of College that you think that You Share With Jobs and Education News. So Join with us as a Student Reporter in Jobs and Education News. we've made it easy! If you want to become a member, Read the below Conditions, enter a few details and you're done. and you'll be Student Reporter of Jobs & Education News:

How to begin?

It is very simple to join. Click on the ‘Online Student Reporter! ’ and join as a Reporter. Invite College's Other Students to join too. And define an Activity – Like Colleges Events ,Programmes , Articles , Blogs etc. Post pictures of your colleges events / Programmes – showcasing the excitement and impact it is creating. Let everyone know and get inspired by your work. Let this contagious enthusiasm spread.

How to Post Your Activity?

Step 1 : First You Register With us on CLick Below Button "Online Student Reporter" For Fill the Registration Form
Step 2 : After Fill the Form there is Verification Call For Account Activate.
Step 3 : After Account Activate You Can Login Your Account.
Step 4 : In Your Account You can Share Your Events , Programmes , Photos , Articles, Blogs with Jobs & Education News
Step 5 : After Post Your Activity there is Verification by Admin and Within 2 Hours Your Activity will be Visible in Our Website.
Step 6 : If Your Articles / Blogs is Good and Accurate then it is also Publish on Our Newspaper.


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